The purpose of this website is to analyse, and discuss, current political issues which we think are poorly explained and debated in the media.

So… despite the name, this site is very much about politics. However, we hope to keep the analysis free from “political” agendas.  We take politics as a neutral term to describe “the process by which our various conflicting interests are resolved”. So a “political” agenda in this sense, is a means of pursuing that conflict. The objective here is to discuss the policy without the persuasion.

The articles on this site do not necessarily propose to resolve any conflicts, or come to any conclusions. This is why we will (try to) subtract the “politics” from the debate. The point of the articles is only to clarify current debates into their essential issues, and perhaps point out deceptive or partisan approaches used by politicians and the media. Some people might find this frustrating, obvious, and / or pointless. Fair enough. The point of the website is not to provide an answer to political problems, because by their nature we consider that every reader will have a different “take” on the core issues. We can’t tell you what to feel about wealth redistribution, immigration, or gay marriage. We can only try to distil the confused, incoherent and intellectually dishonest mess that passes for political debate and commentary into something that makes sense.

Our hope is not that people will agree on these issues. Our hope is that that a clearer view on the fundamental issues which divide us will at least allow people to understand that their political opponents are not stupid, corrupt, lazy or evil.

At least, not always.